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Harnessing Clean Nuclear Energy

The NICE Future Initiative provides expert information on making nuclear energy options available for both electric and non-electric applications and integrating flexible nuclear energy technologies with renewable energy.


The NICE Future Initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) enables dialogue among member countries on the role that nuclear energy can play in bolstering economic growth, energy security and access, and environmental stewardship—with a focus on innovative applications for advanced nuclear systems to enable coordinated and/or integrated clean energy systems of the future. The United States, Canada and Japan co-lead the initiative with support from partner countries Argentina, South Africa, UAE, Russia and Poland.

Resources and Events

In addition to advancing a dialogue on nuclear’s role in a clean energy future, this initiative also provides valuable resources and assistance to policymakers and other stakeholders. Regular webinars on important topics will be delivered by our panel of experts, who will also be available for our unique Ask an Expert service. Policymakers with a nuclear-related question can obtain direct assistance from our team of experts. Larger in-depth technical studies will also be conducted as appropriate, with agreement from member countries. Check back for more and follow us on social media.

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Webinars are held to provide valuable insight into energy issues and opportunities with nuclear. Learn more about past webinars and about upcoming topics.

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